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Are you planning the trip of your dreams but the crisis forces you to spend the holidays on the sofa at home watching TV?



The solution is Couchsurfing!


Don’t worry! We are not talking about dreaming Hawaii on the sofa.


Couchsurfing is a completely free project that allows anyone with at least a bed, sofa or an empty space on the floor (many bring sleeping bags ) , to host one or more people for a variable period of time.

The owner of the home decides how many people to host, for how long, if he will provide the bed, whether to provide or not the use of the the kitchen, etc.

there are no obligations at all. You can travel even if you are not available to give a bedroom or any space to other users.






Couchsurfing however, is not only a matter of accommodation: as we read from the website, the project’s founders dreamed of “a better world, improved by travelling and enriched by relationships “; those who take part are sharing their life with people they meet, fostering cultural exchange and mutual respect. A personal and spiritual trip, rather than a merely topographical one.


Couchsurfing teaches the students to accept and appreciate the differences between human races, it stimulates the curiosity for the world and for the features that make us different, allowing us to grow up and to become better citizens of the world through the trip.

Founded in 2004 by Casey Fenton, Daniel Hoffer, Sebastian Le Tuan and Leonardo Bassani da Silveira, a little passion has been brought to life thanks to an email sent to a group of guys in Iceland, who designed the idea that people from all over the world might share their homes with strangers, or, in their own words , with ” friends you have not met yet.”


Since that time, approximately 100 thousand cities were connected and more than 6 million people have shared their lives, their world, their holidays. A community then, more than a housing website, in which the participants are ready to stake their habits for unique experience.




You only have to enter this website, you sign up and you’re ready to go: nothing easier.

You chose the city you wish to visit, you enter all the details related to your stay… and you’re done!

You can see all the available beds in that place, and decide whether to stay alone or to live the experience with other adventurers. You can choose if you prefer a family, a girl rather than a boy and you can read the users’ personal information to chose the person with whom you want to spend the days of your precious vacation.

If you don’t know how to start or know where to begin… Do not worry, in the home page there is a window where you can enter your own message, your request for accommodation: write what you are looking for and the owner of the house will contact you.

Are you traveling alone and looking for mates? You do not know where to go dinner? Would you like to visit a nearby town but you don’t know how to get around ? Ask the Community and you’ll get all the anwers you need. If you don’t know whether to trust them or not…. Notice that each profile is accompanied by a feedback that confirms the good intentions of the members, and consequently those who trick, will have one or more negative feedback with a lot of comments in evidence.






Couchsurfing is a great group of friends who want to get rich of everything that is not money, to learn new things and have fun together. If you are a member of Couchsurfing you do not miss anything: a detailed schedule of events (including concerts, markets and cultural events in all cities participating in the project) is always available.

All rules to become a guest and / or host can be found in the FAQ section of the website, the project’s initiatives can be followed on the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.


What are you waiting? Still not convinced?


Some pages of the website are dedicated to the experiences that some couchsurfers shared in their Tumblr profile in which they tell us about their experience with photos and video of the trip.


You will not change your way of travelling anymore!