If you want to contribute to the growth of Sharingame you can do it in two basic ways:

  • Sharingame is a community, an active portal where users make possible its existence.
    Report us an initiative that you think deserves to be considered and could be adopted by Sharingame philosophy.
    Your help is very important in order to promote an economy based on sharing that is still unknown everywhere.
    There also exist other ways to create a relationship between sharingame and its users.
    We are always looking for ideas on how we can improve and all suggestions are well accepted, as well as the time you may dedicate to help in any way you want.


  • Talk about Sharingame to your friends, your relatives, on social networks and give it the most visibility¬† possibile!
    More an initiative will be known more it will become successful because new supporters will contribute to its growth, or simply it will be used by more people giving new motivations and rewards to its creators.
    The most ambitious objective is to make more virtuous the dissolute cycle of the economy. A world that know a different way to be, independent from the money, is a better world!