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The cohousing is a special initiative that consists of a particular form of cohabitation originated in Scandinavia in the 60s , and now it is widespread, especially in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, England, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan. It is one of the new concepts, even if relatively old, that is still unknown in Italy (apart from rare exceptions).


In Italian we could describe the cohousing with the term “fair cohabitation”, which is a kind of apartment block consisting of a group of neighbors participating in the same sharing project.The cohousing is a project of community life among a group of families that while maintaining their habits in managing the home, share with others some of the common areas and facilities. Most of the community is made up of twenty to forty units, for families or singles. Residents will personally deal with the management and maintenance of the place. There aren’t any rules at the basis of the union, but only the desire to adopt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.


The increasing adherence to this kind of project has given rise to real building projects, designed to facilitate trade and social rules adoption.



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These special new generation of apartments has a common laundry room, an entertainment room, it may have swimming pool, gardens, garden and space for the kids, but you can also choose to share cars and household appliances. Sometimes the promoter group make an agreement for common service , such as car sharing or turn-taking for the bills’ payment and the collection of mail.

The cohousing arises from the need to rediscover the common life with a particular attention for environmental and economic sustainability.


Does it seem impossible? NO, because it has always been like this!

For thousands of years the size of the families was as big as a village and this is the dimension where you live and grow up the best, where you can enjoy the little time between family and work, also preventing pathologies related to loneliness and isolation, that are nowadays very common between adults and children.



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