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Car Sharing

Here is how to say goodbye to the costs of car ownership!


Car Sharing is one of the new tools of sustainable mobility, a widespread practice all over the world.

It consists of a public service in which you have the option to use a shared car with other users.


You can use the car only when you need it, even with a minimum advance booking, choosing and picking up the vehicle in a designated parking area and bring it back to the same place .

Car Sharing is the perfect solution for those who usually make short trips.

A winning alternative for anyone who travels for a few miles or if you do not intend to give up car ownership.



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Car Sharing


The advantages are many: reduced air pollution and the lowering of the typical costs of a car

(e.g. road tax, insurance, maintenance, etc.).


We will not have to worry about having to waste time looking for parking, that means less money and no stress.

The cars belonging to car sharing initiatives have also free access to the ZTL and fast tracks and last but not least, we will always use perfectly clean and alright cars.



The access to the service is extremely simple!



It is associated with a circuit that adheres to the service and provides a ” fleet ” of vehicles around the city in designated parking areas.

Anyone who is registered can book and withdraw at any time of day or night the car in the nearest parking.

This kind of services aim at the re-education of the use of cars, encouraging more sustainable mobility.