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Car Pooling

The Car pooling is an alternative and convenient solution to traditional mobility. It consist of using one car, with more people on board, to make the same journey.


Who runs a route and wants to offer a ride, has only to publish his advertisement for free on the website and find travel mates share the cost of fuel ( and toll ), and contributing to protect the climate by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide in the air. The hours spent in the car will no longer be boring!




Those who are looking for a ride can make a direct contact with the driver (via the mailbox, or by e- mail or telephone) and arrive at his destination in a convenient, affordable and fast way!


Carpooling is commonly implemented for commuting but is increasingly popular for longer one-off journeys, with the formality and regularity of arrangements varying between schemes and journeys.

Carpooling is not always arranged for the whole length of a journey. Especially on long journeys, it is common for passengers to only join for parts of the journey, and give a contribution based on the distance that they travel. This gives carpooling extra flexibility, and enables more people to share journeys and save money.

Car Pooling



Many companies and local authorities have introduced programs to promote carpooling.

In an effort to reduce traffic and encourage carpooling, some governments have introduced high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in which only vehicles with two or more passengers are allowed to drive. HOV lanes can create strong practical incentives for carpooling by reducing travel time and expense.


In some countries it is common to find parking spaces reserved for carpoolers.

In 2011, an organization called Greencx created a campaign to encourage others to use this form of transportation in order to reduce their own carbon footprint.