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Let’s tell the truth, to go to a supermarket is more like an expedition in a jungle, at least for those who seek to see beyond the display of products on the shelves, such as a simple question of price, or the search for a brand seen in the advertising that they hammer us with daily.


A consumer good can conceal many hidden dangers, especially in a globalized society where, for example, a shoe can easily be made on another continent by a child, or rather, a slave legally made a worker, with all the implications that this may entail both for those who produce as well as for those who consume.

In the case of food, the presence of GMOs is a constant, as well as substances with incomprehensible names that don’t create trust regarding the quality of the product.
Considering all these elements together, doing the shopping with ethical sense becomes really difficult, time is short, the chaos of the lanes stresses us, and often even if we would like to try to understand more about what we are buying, it becomes impossible to do.


 BuyCott BuyCott



Finally, thanks to a new application freely downloadable to every cell phone, shopping in a conscious way is not longer a utopia.

We are talking about Buycott!


Created by Ivan Prado, a freelance programmer resident in Los Angeles, Buycott aims to radically change the way in which we go shopping. Its operation is very simple, just do a scan with your smartphone to the bar code of the product on which we want to know more and we will show a lot of information, such as who created it, where and how, through a diagram show which group is part of the manufacturer and then identifying corporations that will benefit from the purchase.


A very interesting option is the application’s ability to monitor campaigns of various nature against a specific business or corporation, presenting the possibility of directly participating. In this way, the act of boycotting becomes even more forceful, combining the capacity for passive action with the active one.



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The structures of corporations are subject to continuous asset changes and it is unthinkable for a development team to be able to remain up to date on such changes; and it is here that the sharing enters the game!

When the bar code scan of a product is made and it is not present in the database, customers are asked to enter the information necessary to be able to identify it. Such action, taken by thousands of customers every day worldwide, constantly updates the system, making it always more precise and reliable.


You just have to download the application and test it at the first chance!