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Things are changing even in the fashion world. it was noticed also by Burda, the German publishing giant and historic fashion magazine published in 16 different languages ​​and in over 89 countries around the world, it has launched the open source sewing with the website Burdastyle !
The site aims to connect a whole community of users who exchange opinions and advice on how to design and sew the clothes, a free project that aims to transform the fashion into an open, sustainable and participatory universe, based on creativity and individual needs.






On Burdastyle you can find an infinite collection of patterns to download and print, an encyclopedia of sewing and a close-knit community that exchanges tutorials, templates and tips on how to sew on your own, all regulated under a Creative Commons license.

Participation is very simple, every user older than 13, is free to register and once registered he can start downloading the free patterns!
The website also features a specialized “Sew-pedia”, containing discussions on various ideas and models, complete with a pdf file with step by step explanations and attached photos showing the details .


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Burdastyle shows the creations of the users and it is possible for everyone to use their own collections.
A promising initiative for a new conception of fashion, a collaborative fashion inspired by the philosophy of open source, based on the creation of creative items copyright free!