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Brilliant is  the Coliseum of math and science!


Brilliant is a free access website where you can find challenges in mathematics, physics and every possible application of science. There are problems to be solved that require creativity and a sharp reasoning, and many of them are specially created by experts all over the world.





The goal of Brilliant is the democratization of knowledge through the creation of a stimulating environment , exposing students to the challenges , helping them to develop their skills and giving opportunities such as mentoring and scholarships.


The majority of students in the world with lofty attitudes are not supported and stimulated with the resources and opportunities they need to be able to reach their full potential.






Passing an afternoon on Brilliant, for example, you will find a user of fourteen from the United States that poses a problem for other computer users from all over the world and providing many solutions in different programming languages ​.


Brilliant.org wants to become a reference point where the brightest minds in the world are able to connect to each other having the opportunity to apply their talents .


Only in this way, when adults, they will process the innovations that will help the world to be a better place be devised so as adults innovations that will help the world be a better place!