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Have you ever heard talk of Home Restaurant? Have you always wanted a unique and original culinary experience? Bonappetour allows you to share your passion for the kitchen and above all to do it from your home, turning your living room or dining room into your own real restaurant.

Do you want to eat low-cost and make new connections? Why wait to register? It’s simple and completely free.





After registration you can select your desired city and you will open the door to the amateur chef, the gourmet granny, a student, or a family ready to share their kitchen with you, their food, and no less importantly their story, because it is the social aspect which makes the home restaurant original, incredibly efficient, and immersive. The Bonappetour user does not only have the goal of gaining profit but also sharing their hospitality over lunch/dinner with others, the strongest point of this initiative.

One may also choose to help a chef while preparing delicacies to take home, in addition to a full stomach and the recipe!

Rome, Paris, Singapore, Prague, Berlin…what are you waiting for to try this exquisite venture? Tempting, no?




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