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Music distribution devices today are all similar, speakers manufactured by big companies, built in plastic, and that work with batteries that once used get thrown away.

For this reason Sam Beck, project manager and engineer graduated from the Columbia University of New York, worked hard from 2012 to today to achieve a project named Blueshift, and we  have no doubts he will have a great success!

The project aims at creating portable boombox speakers for fast recharge, using natural materials, super-efficient electronic components, plus all the information developed to build these products will be available to anyone for free since the nature of the project is completely open source!


 kitchen blueshift-update-grid_project-body


The speakers Blueshift are powered by supercapacitors, a technology that is changing the way in which we conceive the accumulation of energy. They recharge very quickly (it takes 5 minutes to get enough charge for six hours of use), and are also super durable, as a matter of fact they can be charged more than half a million times without the fear that the usage spoils the product.

The Blueshift speakers can be used anywhere, from the living room to a beach party. They are enabled by a Bluetooth system, so it’s possible to stream music wirelessly from most smartphones and many other


Very easy to connect, the speaker reproduces the audio from sources such as music, videos, games, or even the

Web. All devices come with a 4″ full-range driver, which means all the frequencies are reproduced with the same cone.




BlueShift-Small-Speakers blueshift-helium-portable-speaker-with-super-capacitor-charging-technology_6


The cabinet was made of bamboo for two reasons: it is highly renewable and, as very rigid, it is a great acoustic material, providing a good match between the frequency response and portability. All speakers also include a 3.5 mm input.

After a crowdfunding campaign, the project is about to obtain FCC certification and the go-ahead for the construction of production units.

Blueshift is proving that it’s possible to build valuable electronic products following ethical and collaborative methods, making ideas available to anyone willing to build awesome products!