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The world of 3D computer graphics opens up thanks to Blender!


Blender is a software that allows the modeling, animation, composition and rendering of 3D objects and is considered one of the best open source programs ever made.

A professional three-dimensional graphics software like Blender can cost thousands of euros, but luckily for us, Blender is completely free and supported by a community of really capable developers.

Until a few years ago, existed a commercial version of Blender, besides a sort of lite edition, which obviously, perhaps because of the eccentricity of the interface and as a result a learning difficulty for the users, has not received the success that it was hoped. So in the end the authors found the way to make it an open source project under the label of the Blender Foundation.

Now in Version 2.69, Blender is constantly being updated and tested by volunteers from all over the world.

In fact, in the last years Blender has evolved to the point to compete with 3D graphic programs like Maya, SoftImage or 3D Studio Max.






Blender offers all the functionality of professional software, including:


realizing three dimensional images with materials and textures


realizing animation or real and true three dimensional short films


importing and exporting objects and entire scenes in various formats; OBJ, 3DS (3D Studio), PLY, STL (useful especially for 3D printing and rapid prototype)

allows for parameter modeling, using both the window transform and snap instruments


model tracing an image used as background images


in the engine of Rendering you integrate YafaRay, a well-known and powerful engine Open Source, that uses language and description XML.







Blender from besides the possibilities of creating from real and true games in 3D thanks to his game engine.

Blender, that boasts also an incredible lightness of installation, it is available for different systems operating from Windows, from Windows 98 and more, Mac OSX, Linux and Free BSD.

Indispensable, for you can run the release script with Blender and those available on internet, a complete installation of Python, the famous language of programmers, adopted from Blender as an internal language of scripting. Python can be downloaded from the official site.

Besides, the network offers different guides and manuals.






On the official site you can find the video tutorials very useful because they will allow you in short lessons, they allow you to take familiarity with the basic functions of Blender and you learn to use it with facility immediately.


Blender was used for the realization of different publications and films of animation from Elephants Dream, Big Buck Bunny, Yo Frankie, Tears of Steel, etc. But that that was the first big professional project in how Blender was used first instrumentally was as the previsualization of the animation of the film Spiderman 2