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Backyard Aquaponics

Born Backyard Aquaponics, a hybrid that combines aquaculture, that is, fish farming with hydroponics, growing plants in water or inert substrates through: expanded clay, perlite, etc.  


The plant is irrigated through the ponds where the fish live, using their scraps that serve as nourishment.   The water is then filtered and purified back in the tanks for the aquaculture and resumes its cycle. 





Backyard Aquaponics is born as an information portal; the company over time has grown into a community of enthusiasts who help and encourage people with tips for a detailed construction of the hydroponic systems.  


The hydroponics makes the fertilizer useless for the plants, transforming the plant into a mini-self-sustaining ecosystem in which the waste is recycled by the roots, so that the water is filtered at the same time.



Backyard Aquaponics



Although the techniques of soil and fish farming are not very old, the combination of the two is recent and can be traced back to the early ’70s.  


Studied in every part of the world, it’s interesting especially for the removal of space and cost, for the production of very low organic waste.  

The natural union that binds plants, fish and water is evident and obvious, and surprisingly, the report has been exploited and improved relatively recently.


The site is really well-equipped with everything you need to help anyone who wants the best start to create a system of this kind, from the theoretical fundamentals to many videos where the making of a plant is demonstrated.





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