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Home recording for everyone thanks to Ardour!


Ardour is an interesting software open source for multitracks recording and audio message, created by Paul Davis and it is the fruit of the collaboration of a team from all around the world with professional recording musicians, programmers and engineers. It is proposed as one of the few professional level solutions for audio production available on the Linux platform. It is based on JACK (a low-latency audio subsystem), and introduces features that are certainly interesting:


 Multitrack recording and mixing (unlimited audio tracks, unlimited bus)

With Ardour, there are no software limitations; the performance is limited only by the hardware on which it is installed. If your hardware is not powerful enough Ardour automatically identifies the zones which the latency is heard and correct the errors positioning the record where it would have had to be, without latency.

Non-destructive audio editing

Ardour supports trim, drag, split and timestretching in areas recorded with sample-level resolution. It also includes a versatile crossfade editor and a beat machine.

With Ardour, every step of your work is recoverable thanks to infinity levels of undo/redo, and also the snapshot feature, for saving the current state of the project.

Sophisticate mastering capacity

Ardour can be used as a tool for mastering and finalizing. Its integration with JACK makes it possible to use mastering tools as JAMIN for the process of the audio data. Ardour can also export TOC and CUE format, thus allowing the creation of audio CDs.

MIDI function with virtual instruments support (introduced since 3.0 version)

Ardour supports Digital sampling frequencies related to different measure of the ability of the hardware, the input and output and the number of different file formats. MMC (MIDI Machine Control) and the generic MIDI control surfaces can be used to control and mix manually or automatically.

Support for plug-ins format LADSPA and LV2, VST and Audio Units

It’s also available the new Ardour version (3.2), that adds the video support

The video support enables users to extract, edit and mix audio tracks associated with video with the ability to preview the video. Ardour 3.2 can display video tracks frame-by-frame in a timeline with the possibility of being able to lock the audio tracks of every single frame in the video







You just have to go to the site, download and install Ardour and start to create your own music!