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Android is an operating system developed by Google (but even earlier by Android Inc.) and launched for the first time in 2008.

Unlike major competing systems, such as iOS (Apple) and WindowsPhone (Microsoft), Android is built upon the foundations of an open-source structure, taken liberally from the Linux system.



Thanks to this nature, Android is very flexible for the development of software dedicated to it, today achieving very appreciable results in terms of safety, performance, ease of use and potential, so as to have gained primacy over mobile platforms.

There are quite a lot of advantages to having an Android smartphone. First, the extreme flexibility when it comes to development has to be mentioned, which allows the creation of applications that are very well integrated into the system in contrast to competing systems that maintain the applications well detached from the overall system.




Android has a large community of developers who work every day building applications with the aim to increase the functionality of the devices.

In October 2012 the number of applications at the official Android Market (Google Play) reached 700,000.

These factors allowed Android to become the most used operating system on mobile devices and for manufacturers the best in terms of low costs, personalization and lightness of the operating system itself, thus allowing them to avoid having to write their own operating system from scratch.