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3D Hubs

3D Hubs is a social network started to allow anyone to easily approach the new and extraordinary technology of 3D printing

The operation is quickly explained: the platform allows those who are in possession of a 3D printer to register therefore creating a HUB, putting their resources at the disposal of anyone wanting to produce an object of any type but is not in possession of a printer.



It is all incredibly simple, just send the printable file in STL format, load it onto the site, choose the city, printer and materials and wait for the order to be executed and then you can go and pick it up or even have it sent.

Another interesting aspect of 3D Hubs is the community.

When a city reaches 10 hub is unlocked. In recent months, for example in Italy, where there are some of the most active communities in the world, the cities of Bologna, Venice, Naples, Florence, Turin, Milan and Rome have been unlocked.


3D Hubs



Leaving out the commercial aspect of the initiative, it is surely more interesting to highlight the fact that in this way the spread of 3D printing will increase exponentially, thus indirectly allowing the improvement of production technology and the simplification of procedures, as well as decrease of the costs of printing and the introduction of new materials. All this as a result will allow the self production of always more complex objects at the lowest possible cost and with maximum ease.

A revolution that becomes more real every day!