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In the low cost era, sharing is a duty. And when a travel agency is too expensive for you, the net is a good support, giving you information about what to see and the itineraries you should follow…

The aim of Wikivoyage is to meet the needs of travelers, thanks to the net, allowing them to get updated and instantaneous information.


The users will provide the news, in the same way adopted by Wikipedia, the philosophy of the exchange of knowledge. And like Wikipedia, WikiVoyage aims to help the information exchange between tourists who already visited a place and others who are ready to leave.


The project was born in English language in July 2003 with the name WikiTravel. The creators are Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins. In 2006 the two founders surprised everyone by saying that they had sold their domain to an e-commerce company. A group of German contributors considered the selling as a betrayal of the knowledge sharing idea, that was very important for the project. So they decided to leave it, and to create WikiVoyage.


wikivoyage wikivoyage-louvre_pipiten-by-sa



Today, there are 2,311 articles on the website, all available for readers willing to receive detailed information about turistic destinations all over the world and practical advice.

the web page is now available in many languages: English, German, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, French and Spanish.


Wikivoyage use the wiki technology that offers to everyone the possibility to create, upload and to change every article at any time. The users will contribute like a big mosaic. Every piece of the mosaic, will create an entire article.